Energy & Climate Change

Although the food and beverage industry help increases the reach of food and beverage at a wide rate. At the same time, it also increases the impact on climate change problems. Which is a situation that is a major global problem.

HaadThip as a manufacturer and distributor of beverage products have given importance and are well aware of the impact of our operations on the community and the environment. Therefore, we are determined to reduce the impact from our continuous business growth. With a policy to control and reduce energy consumption and the releasing of greenhouse gas emissions to meet international standards. Which has been monitor continuously from 2013 until the present to be part in driving Thailand to achieve its goal of global cooperation in addressing climate change.

Environmental policy
Energy Conservation Policy

As part of the joint efforts to tackle global warming and promote the use of clean energy for better environmental impact. HaadThip has initialed a solar power generation project. By installing solar panels on the roof of the factory at Poonpin Plant, Surat Thani province, with a total of 1,880 solar panels on an area of 3,760 square meters allow us to generate a total of 732,778 kW per year of electricity and help to reduce greenhouse gas released by the Company by 426,560 kg of carbon dioxide emission.

solar panels installed

Generated over

kW per year

Kg of CO2

Proportion of water reuse
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Water Management

As the Company use water resources as the main raw material for business operations. We give high importance to water resource management as it may affect the business operation and the water source of the community if manage poorly.

HaadThip realizes the importance of this matter. Therefore, we issued a policy to prevent any risks that may occur. With the practices of a risk assessment on the water sources and the policy striving to increase the efficiently of water used in the production process leading to sustainable production in the future along with reducing the impact on the water resources of the community.

Waste Management

Today, food and beverage packaging have a significant impact on the environment from irresponsible handled of waste. From such issues, the Company giving importance to waste management. Especially plastic waste from beverage packaging.

As the company responsible for manufacturing and distributing of beverages with plastic packaging. Therefore, various guidelines have been established to reduce the amount of waste generated from the Company's operations. Along with raising awareness among employees and communities. To be alert and pay attention to the problem of waste pollution, we have adopted the “World Without Waste” campaign, issued by the Coca Cola Company, which places great emphasis on dealing and solving the packaging waste crisis, in particular plastic waste that comes from beverage packaging from the Coca Cola group products.



% of general waste generated reduce from 2019



Recycled waste increase by % from 2019



The Waste Separation Process

The company has set goals to reduce the amount of industrial waste. Through the waste separation process to promoting waste recycling practice while can also minimize the volume of landfill waste generated.