Sustainable Packaging and Recycle

For the development and creation of our product packaging. We take into account the sustainable results from the business operation. To reduce the impact on the economy, society and be friendly to the environment Our products are designed through the use of new technologies and innovations to create and promote a sustainable domestic recycled product cycle.


All products from the Company are 100% recyclable

All products from the Company are 100% recyclable

Recycled Product

We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic used in the production process by designing our product to contain a component of recycled plastic packaging.

The company aims to produce clear plastic packaging (PET Bottle) that contains up to 50% of recycled plastic to replace and reduce its use of Virgin Plastic by 2030.

contains up to


of recycled plastic

Supply Chain

HaadThip attaches great importance to efficient supply chain management. While taking into account the environment, society, good corporate governance and meet the expectations of all stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

We are committed to creating and increase value throughout the supply chain process. Which we have established a policy and culture for everyone to show their potential knowledge and abilities to create values for our products to meet the needs of consumers. From procurement of raw materials, logistic up to customers service.

Sustainable value chain

Human Management

Sustainable Procurement

Every supplier must pass the criteria and the selection process with a measurable global standard and follow the global Coca Cola standard. All operations must be transparent, auditable, fair, comply with social ethical standards. While at the same time take into consideration the responsibility for economic, social and environmental impacts from business operations. Under the Coca-Cola regulations and related laws, all partners must present documents and various certificates in order to demonstrate being a business that operates on a socially acceptable standard. furthermore, the business must proceed through quality checks of raw materials or containers to follow our quality control policy and for the consumer to be ensured that all our products have complied with the global safety standard. All of this is to enable us to select a partner who can operate professionally. And can grow with us sustainably

Risk Management

HaadThip attaches great importance to the corporate risk management process. With a focus on preventive risk management And revise with speed, transparency, accuracy and consistency And efficiency in accordance with The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)'s risk management standards that are consistent with the Enterprise Risk Management-Integrated Framework. Therefore, the Company's risk assessment including review, report and evaluating business performance. Which can be used as a guideline for the Company to revise our performance to follow the same standards throughout the organization as appropriate

Anti Corruption

No Gift Policy

Following the campaign established by publicly listed companies and their network regarding the No Gift Policy,

Following the campaign established by publicly listed companies and their network regarding the No Gift Policy,

Whistle Blowing

HaadThip Public Company Limited has intended to perform business operation along the line of fairness and transparency, by adhering to the fact that it must be responsible to the society and all parties of stakeholder, as per the principle of good corporate governance, with the code of ethics as guideline and indicator to business operation.

In order to operate in an equitable manner for all parties concerned, as well as show that the Company places utmost importance on verifiable transparency, the Company has, therefore, established the means for employees and staff to be able to report or provide information on any wrongdoings in business operation, be it in the area of financial transaction, conformity to the law, regulations, code of conduct or business ethics.