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HaadThip Public Company Limited is a sparkling beverage manufacturer, granted a franchise by the Coca - Cola Company (U.S.A), Atlanta, Georgia, as a producer and distributor of sparkling beverages under the trademarks of “Coca-Cola,” “Fanta” and “Sprite,” and other products owned by Coca-Cola Company such as Minute Maid, and Namthip, Drinking Water.

All of Haadthip’s glass bottles are 100 percent recyclable

Our can packaging is not only 100% recyclable but also produced from recycled aluminium, comprising 70% recycled content.

All plastic bottles are made from PET and are 100 percent recyclable


Product Spotlight

The Company manufactures products of high quality and standard, as it has always been strict in terms of safety and quality of products by the standard of The Coca-Cola Quality System that ensures the same standard worldwide.