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เธอเท Coke กระป๋องลงไปบน “ปีกไก่” ที่กำลังร้อน…ผลลัพธ์ที่ได้ คุณแทบจะไม่อยากเชื่อสายตา!


Adding Coke® to the batter makes these crepes extra fluffy and light. Served with fresh fruit, they make a great Sunday brunch treat.


Serve with freshly cooked basmati rice and a selection of garnishes

Philosophy / Vision



         Haadthip’s work philosophy is a perfect blend between Western and Eastern management characteristics. Western management approach warrants that employees’ advancement depends directly on their performance and level of commitment on their assigned tasks, disregarding the normal working hours or days established by the Company. As for the Eastern approach to management, the Executives and employees care for and concern about one another in a sincere manner. They are considerate with each other and show respect for one another, resulting in tight and heartwarming relationship between the employees and the Company. 

          Haadthip has prospered and advanced this far as a result of unified support and effort of its employees of all branches. Haadthip’s employees have continuously devoted their every effort to ensure that the Company’s goals are accomplished. One of the main reasons of success is the fact that an opportunity is provided to each and every Haadthip’s employee to gradually advance to a higher position, through his/her own capability and effort. Another reason is that the Company’s marketing strategy has been appropriate and on the right track. One other essential factor that the Company cannot do without is the Top Management team that has been managing the Company in the most effective manner. 



          Shall continue to maintain our leadership position on the soft drinks market in South Thailand


          Drive continually growth sales by satisfying new and existing consumers through excellent service and care for environmental issue.


         Haadthip shall continuously maintain its objective to increase sales with profits by unit case in a sustainable manner, by ensuring satisfaction among both existing and new consumers; rendering excellent services to customers both directly and indirectly, with even higher level of returns to the customers. In order to ensure that the Company’s vision is realized and the Company is progressing successfully in line with the set objectives, our future organization shall be built according to the following factors:

·      To have true understanding of consumers’ needs and to give precedent to customers’ expectations when rendering services

·      To work as a team of true professionals

·      To utilize from the very basic of all skills all the way to potentiality, by identifying skill differences and implementing them accordingly as follows:

o   Demand Creation – DC

o   Market Execution – ME

o   Demand Fulfilment – DF

      With 2 additional skill groups as follows: 

o   Human Resources – HR

o   Performance Finance – PF


We shall create an organizational culture that is flexible and on the basis of the following 10 values: 

1. Integrity: To be loyal, honest, open, sincere

2. Individual Initiative: To learn to initiate a task yourself

3. Customer Value: To always exceed customers’ expectations and add values to customers’ business

4. Teamwork: To work as a team and always lend support to teammates in order to improve the overall performance

5. People Development: To create quality workers by continuously arranging for human resource training and development activities

6. Mutual Trust & Respect: To treat each other with respect as well as make yourself trustworthy

7. Commitment: To learn to be responsible for and commit to what you say

8. Always be part of the South: To show responsibility to the community and the society, and always realize and be appreciative that we are still here today because of the people of the South

9. Relationship Marketing: To tighten the relationship and bond with customers, consumers and all levels of government agencies on a continuous basis

10. Fun: To find balance between working life and personal life, and to come to work happily on a daily basis


Business Operation and Anti-Fraud Policy

Haadthip Public Company Limited exhibits its determination to manage the Company with earnest commitment to the principle of good corporate governance, through the establishment of a Business Operation and Anti-Fraud Policy. The Policy shall serve to ensure that the organization progresses in an effective manner; the set objectives and action plans are accomplished, via the course of business that commits in entirety to transparency and responsibility to all parties of stakeholders.

It is, therefore, seemly for the Company to express its determination to operate its business in such a way that shows utmost responsibility to the society and commitment to anti-fraud of all facades, through the establishment of a policy that can be put into practice as follows:

1.  Anti-bribery Policy

The Company prohibits all forms of bribery, namely the offering of contract or agreement; provision of as well as solicitation for or acceptance of financial or non-financial interests or benefits, directly or indirectly, in order to obtain or preserve a business or business transaction or introduce a business (transaction) to any other entity specially or in order to preserve any other interests or benefits deemed inappropriate according to the principles of business ethics.     

It shall also include the forms of bribery that fall within the above-mentioned scope of any case relating to the operation by or related to the subsidiary, a joint venture, agent, distributor, representative, advisor, broker, middleman, partner of a contract, business partner or employee in collaboration with (inclusive of but not limited to) government official, family member and any individual with close relationship to a government official, political candidate, political party or an official of a political party, a private sector’s employee (inclusive of a person in charge, in command or working in any position for a private organization) or a third party.         

2.  Anti-bribery Action Plan

The Company shall join a discussion and consultation session together with employees’ representatives, in order to develop an Action Plan that reflects the magnitude and the possible risk (of bribery) that may arise in the business sector; and to ensure that the business operating sites shall create an environment that helps to convey the message on the values, as well as the policy and process to be utilized in preventing any possible occurrence of bribery in all possible activities, under a highly effective monitoring system.

The above-mentioned Action Plan shall be in line with all of the anti-bribery laws, and in accordance with the scope of the authority and the laws that regulate the organization’s operation. The Action Plan shall be applied to all of the subsidiary companies both domestically and abroad (if any in the future).

3.  Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct

3.1 Gifts, Entertainment and Disbursement

The Company prohibits the giving or receiving of gifts, entertainment or disbursement considered beyond the scope and appropriateness; and stipulated that such proceedings are considered unlawful in any relevant country of such doings.

3.2 Payoff / Under-the-table Commission

It is a generally known fact that under-the-table commission or payoff is illegal, according to the anti-bribery law of most countries. As such, the Company has absolutely no policy for payoff or under-the-table commission.

3.3 Monetary Donation to Charity

The act of monetary donation to charity and any monetary support provided to charitable organizations must not be used as an excuse for any form of bribery. All of the donations and monetary support to charity must be transparent and legal in the relevant country of donation.

3.4 Business Relationship

The Company prohibits bribery in all courses of business operation that may arise directly or via the third party, most especially when inclusive of or related to the subsidiary, a joint venture, an agent, a distributor, a representative, an advisor, a broker, a partner of a contract, a business partner or a middleman who is under direct control and supervision of the Company.

3.5 Purchasing and Hiring Activities with the Government Sector

In the case that the Company is in need to compete with others in order to win a contract from public sector and state enterprises, both domestically and abroad, all of the process and proceedings carried out by the Company must always be transparent, honest and straightforward in a lawful manner.

The Company shall proceed strictly according to the laws and regulations relating to purchasing and hiring of the public sector as well as the laws to prohibit any effort to give rise to inappropriate influence on any government officials, inclusive of the rules and regulations stipulated by the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). 

3.6 Political Contribution and Support in Monetary Term

The Company, employee or middleman shall not provide, directly or indirectly, any monetary support or contribution to any political party, an official of a political party, political candidate, an organization or individual relating to political affairs, as one way of bribery through political contribution. Monetary support must be carried out in a transparent manner and within the scope of the law in practice.   

The above-mentioned Action Plan shall include the monitoring process and the procedure to ensure that there shall never be any inappropriate political contribution in monetary term.

4.  Rules and Regulations for the Implementation of the Action Plan

4.1. Communication

The Company shall make arrangement to effectively convey the message on the Action Plan and communicate with both internal and external parties. The Company shall disclose the Action Plan in regards to anti-bribery to the public and will open up to all information and comments from any parties with interest on the Action Plan.

4.2 The Company’s Management

The Board of Directors and Executives of all levels must take part in the initiation of the Action Plan; exhibit the sense of ownership; and show commitment to the principles of ethics and also the Action Plan. 

4.3 Financial Recording and Audit

The Company shall develop and maintain a financial reporting system that is considered appropriate, accurate and transparent; as well as the internal system that will serve to monitor and control the financial reporting system to ensure that it is in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.   

4.4 Human Resource Management

The activities concerning recruitment, promotion, training, performance evaluation, reward granting and honourable mention should reflect the Company’s determination and commitment to proceed according to its Action Plan.

Human Resource Policy and Guidelines related to the Action Plan must be developed, improved and accepted, through discussions together with employees and employees’ representatives as seen appropriate.

The Company shall establish a fair and explicit audit system, which will indicate that any proceeding according to the Action Plan is considered a job requirement. There shall be no case of demotion, punishment or any other negative impacts on employees for refusal of any form of bribery.

Violation of this Policy by an employee shall result in disciplinary punishment deemed appropriate for each case that also includes a case as severe as termination of employment.

4.5 Monitor and Review

Chief Executives of the Company must monitor and review the appropriateness, adequacy and efficiency of the Action Plan on a regular basis, and make improvements when appropriate. Chief Executives shall report the results from the review of the Action Plan to the Audit Committee or specially appointed Committee on a regular basis.

The Audit Committee or the appointed Committee must perform the evaluation on the adequacy of the Action Plan in an independent manner, and shall disclose the results from the audit in the Annual Report for acknowledgment by the shareholders.

4.6 Concerns and Recommendations

The Action Plan must also provide a supporting channel for employees and the general public, to enable them to express their concerns and report suspicious activities to the Company’s official in charge as soon as they possibly can. The Company shall provide a safe and secured channel for employees and/or any outside parties to submit their words of concerns and/or report suspicious activities (by providing signs and traces) in a classified manner, and without any risk of dispute. 

These secured channels shall also provide an opportunity for employees and other individuals to request for or provide any recommendations to help improving the Action Plan. The Company shall arrange for a session that provides the guidelines for employees and other individuals on the utilization, adaptation and application of the rules and regulations from the Action Plan on a case-by-case basis. 

4.7 Human Resource Training and Development

The Company shall set an objective to create and preserve an organizational culture by committing to the fact that bribery and fraud are unacceptable. The Executives, employees and representatives / agents / distributors must receive specific training in relation to the Action Plan, in a training course organized to serve specific needs and situations. Training on Action Plan must also be provided to partners of contracts and business partners, as seen appropriate, with all of the training activities being evaluated in terms of effectiveness on a regular basis.

4.8 Policy Management of and Responsibility to the Policy

Development and implementation of an effective Action Plan must have gone through consideration and approval by the appointed Committee. Moreover, the review of the effectiveness of the Action Plan and rectification of shortcomings (if any) must also be considered and approved by the Committee. Chief Executives shall be responsible for ensuring that the Action Plan is being implemented in the most effective manner and according to the clear-cut chain of command.